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BoogieTools Testimonials

"I keep loving your product after 20 years. It does what it needs to do in such a straightforward way. Thank you and Happy New Year to you!"

Juan Sola

"I was telling my boss today how much I appreciate your product. It's one of the few pieces of software that does exactly what it says it's going to do, the documentation is straightforward, and the product just WORKS. My previous company ran it from 2001 through last year (2019) with absolutely no issues, in fact we'd occasionally forget it was even out there. I have a feeling this installation is going to go every bit as well."

Jennifer Dodson
MidCountry Bank

"For years we handled our email bounce categorization ourselves, but as our volume increased it became more effort than it was worth. We found BoogieTools and with a couple hours of work the quality of our bounce categorization improved, allowing us to focus the saved time elsewhere. Your technical support is amazing and we are very happy with the quality and service BoogieTools provides. I have to say that not to many things work out of the box. Integrating with you guys was extremely easy and painless. Love it when it works like that!"

Brandon Fouts

"I've been using your software for nearly 10 years now, and very good it is!"

Tim Metcalfe
Metcalfe Services, Ltd

"Thanks for all your help. Your are the "Tech Support" company of the year! Everytime I contact you, you always take care of the problem toot-sweet. Whenever I find someone who needs bounce software, I recommend you."

Mark Tankersley
Chepstow Rode, Ltd.

"BounceStudio Enterprise is really incredible and I simply can't recommend it highly enough. It works... very, very well. If you're managing legitimate mailings, you must look into it. It's just that simple."

Stephen Wynkoop
SQL Server Worldwide User's Group

"BounceStudio Advantage gives me the control I need to manage our bounce traffic accross multiple client campaigns and many POP accounts. What really makes it so powerful is the ease I can get the bounce data back into the client's databases. The customer service from BoogieTools is as impressive as the product."

Ian Spencer
318 Advertising

"We've been using the BoogieBounce API for over 4 years now. It's been a fantastic time and effort saver for us. A huge help to our business!"

Brad Divine
MarketTools, Inc.

"When we implemented our new email marketing solution, we quickly discovered an immediate and pressing need for a tool to help us manage the huge volume of email bounces and other errors that weren't handled by our mailer. The BounceStudio Enterprise solution not only met this need, but also several other scenarios where we were required to parse an email and take an action based on its contents. The application has performed flawlessly for us under substantial load and has admirably filled several functional gaps in our email marketing strategy. BounceStudio Enterprise is a well-put-together application sold at an incredible price by an exceptional sales and support staff, and I would recommend it to anyone needing to automate bounce processing."

Christian I. Holston

"Easy setup, awesome accuracy, and extremely quick. We've tested BounceStudio API For Linux rigorously and haven't found any problems. I'm confident it will continue to work flawlessly, especially with your speedy support."

James Thomson
Digital Overload Ltd.

"We just got back from the Avectra Users and Developers Conference last week, and I definitely talked BoogieTools up in a few of the sessions. Great tool that has been working flawlessly since we installed."

Ryan Latham
American Animal Hospital Association

"You have the best product and customer service!"

Craig Overpeck
MDLinx - A Sony Communications Network Group Company

"Thank you for the quick responses and personalized handling of my request. While the reasonable pricing made the decision a no-brainer, the fantastic response to our issue inspired a high degree of confidence in this choice."

Ray Rallison
Big Fish Games

"As a developer myself, I am always impressed with the quality of customer service that you guys provide. Keep up the good work!"

James Dutton
Instant Ecommerce Ltd.

"BounceStudio Enterprise met our very specific need to deal efficiently with the bounced email messages produced by our newsletter campaign, while requiring no alterations to our existing infrastructure other than to thankfully simplify it. Furthermore, your technical support staff was very timely and knowledgeable during our evaluation of the product."

Jason Cunning

"After having tried (and lived with) numerous other solutions, we've yet to find anything that rivals the power, flexibility, and accuracy of BoogieTools. Thanks for a terrific product!"

Andrew Sturgeon

"I am extremely delighted with not only the performance of BoogieBounce, but also with how easy it is to use. It integrated seamlessly into our in-house framework and works like a charm. With its extensive list of rules, BoogieBounce was able to handle even the most obscure email bounces. Great job BoogieTools!"

Dustin Sell
The Motley Fool

"Several years ago, we built a custom tool for sending out our mass email broadcasts. We didn’t want to build a custom tool for handling the management of bounceback emails because the variety of bounceback formats is endless. Fortunately, we found BounceStudio Enterprise. Our problem was instantly solved. Running in the background as a windows service, BounceStudio scanned the bounces from our multiple lists and was able to keep us current – a few lines of code added to our SQL database and we had an integrated solution. For any email marketing effort, it is essential to know the true response your promotions are having – dead or blocked email accounts can skew the results. You need BounceStudio Enterprise to have the clearest picture possible."

Bill Kaylor
Xtras, Inc.

"We have been using BounceStudio Enterprise for some time now and it's great, but what makes it stand out is the superb level of customer support that BoogieTools offers, which is second to none."

Colin Mitchell
eDiets Europe

"I must say that I am EXTREMELY pleased with BoogieBounce API. It's FAST, never crashes, and has increased the value of our software by a big factor. BoogieBounce API is the BMW of bounce detection software. It's AWESOME!"

Cristi Hotescu
Innovative Partner Technologies, LLC

"We have used your products for over 3 years. We needed a tool that would be able to process millions of bounces. BoogieTools delivers in a high volume environment and allows us to keep our opt-in email list current. We especially appreciate the constant updates and the ability to recognize so many of the various bounced email formats. Thanks for creating such a great product."

Mark Sulzen

"Thanks for a quality and value-for-money product. If you have a mailing list for updates/new product news, do please add my address to that. Incidentally it is desperately easy to interface with the BoogieBounce API from a PHP script."

Alex Poole
Infogrames (Atari)

"I just sent an email to several contacts of mine to rave about you and BounceStudio Enterpise. This is the first time I've ever said that about a company and its product. BoogieTools made me a believer."

Amy Wong
Bits & Pieces

"Thanks for your quick attention. It makes me feel good dealing with your company knowing an answer to my every question is just a short email away. Truly, I wish all companies had service and responsiveness such as yours."

Jay Justice
Socratic Technologies

"I just wanted to say that I find your product extremely useful and one-of-a-kind. I use BounceStudio Enterprise on several mailing lists with a total subscriber base of over 50,000. Without this indispensable tool I don't know how I'd manage. I am also very happy that you frequently update the bounce formats. Keep up the good work."

Grayson Levy
Grayson's Place

"We've used BounceStudio Enterprise for a few months now, and we've found it to be an incredibly reliable, flexible, and efficient email bounce parsing tool. Some days we receive tens of thousands of email bounces, and BounceStudio Enterprise parses them and updates our database in a flash. Besides the great functionality of BounceStudio Enterprise, we like the fact that it has never given us a problem since the day we installed it."

Jeff Hagen
TreeHouse Interactive

"I've been using your software for about 30 days now and I'm very impressed. It sits there on the other machine in my office and does its work very quietly and efficiently. I don't even notice it. No problems, no headaches. It's nice to find a piece of software that does exactly what it says it will with very little configuration and no time on my part to keep it running."

Bill Graziano

"Just wanted you to know what a great experience BounceStudio Enterprise has been. The program plugged a hole in our email processing that had been impossible to fill. BounceStudio just churns through the bounced email traffic and produces a tidy database update.

And along with that great product comes great support. My questions, smart ones and dumb ones, were answered quickly and accurately. What a difference from typical software support!

I'd heartily recommend BounceStudio Enterprise to anyone who must process a large volume of bounced email traffic from their email campaigns. Accurate and prompt processing of remove requests, bad email addresses and various customer replies is critical these days. BounceStudio Enterprise lets us provide first class email service to our customers."

Kirby Moyers
H. A. Guden Co., Inc.

"The BounceStudio Enterprise application is extremely reliable and quick. I'd recommend this tool to anyone. Thanks so much for all your help."

Sonali Shroff
BeliefNet, Inc.

"Great Product! We purchased the BoogieBounce API to help us manage our numerous email lists. Integrating the BoogieBounce API to our .NET application took only a few hours. Once added, we were able to handle our bounced email messages with ease. Thanks for your efforts and the BoogieBounce API."

Gordon F. Weis
Illinois Mutual

"At 'Big Brother' we had about 100,000 people requesting daily update emails, and even more for the weekly round-ups. By using BounceStudio Enterprise to manage our 'un-manned' bounce email account we were able to process the thousands of bounces, and update our recipient database - in real-time. Also, BounceStudio helped us reduce our email processing and bandwidth requirements - something our ISP appreciated.

It took us 15 minutes to download and install, and any tech support questions were often answered by you in less than 30 minutes. Thanks BoogieTools!"

Jeremy E. Cath
Big Brother Australia

"BounceStudio was EXTREMELY easy to integrate with our database infrastructure, automating all handling of our bounced emails. The interface is simple to use and the statistical charts are great eye-candy. BounceStudio immediately added value by allowing us to focus on producing our semimonthly e-zines while not needing to worry about our subscription lists accumulating bad addresses. Our first run with the software alone was well worth the investment."

John Linak

"I just wanted to let you know that we now have our registered version of BounceStudio Enterprise up-and-running. We've been sending out our email in batches - about 8,000 in the last two hours now, with around 1,500 bounce backs, reflecting a failure rate of approximately 18.5%. BounceStudio is picking them up as fast as they come in and updating our database for us. It's great!"

Innes Borkwood
Nesco Group

"While compiling a list of email bounces for you I gained a little better understanding of this field. It is really amazing how many formats you process. You asked me what percentage of bounces you were able to recognize and I would say it is very close to 100%. Please put me on your mailing list (if you have one), so that I can find out about new releases."

Mark Frishman
Corex Technologies

"So far we've been really pleased... we're just now starting to run your product through it's paces... we're running about 16,000 messages a day through it right now... and that's only two of our bounce accounts, so that number will grow... it is fast and effective... It's able to process in real-time, which is great."

Jeremy R. Geeo

"It took us 15 minutes to download and install, and any tech support questions were often answered by you in less than 30 minutes. Thanks BoogieTools!"

Jeremy E. Cath
Big Brother Australia
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