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BounceStudio™ Enterprise 5.0 - Pricing

BounceStudio Enterprise is available as an annual subscription. Additional years are available at a reduced rate, based on the license type you have purchased. Note: A "5 Monitored Items License" allows you to monitor up to 5 POP Accounts, and 5 File System folders.

 Product DescriptionPrice
Single Server (Standard) - 5 Monitored Items - Includes 1 Year Subscription$349.00
Single Server (Unlimited) - Unlimited Monitored Items - Includes 1 Year Subscription$499.00

BounceStudio™ Enterprise 5.0 - Annual Renewal Pricing

 Product DescriptionPrice
Annual Renewal - Single Server (Standard License) - 1 Year Subscription$149.00
Annual Renewal - Single Server (Unlimited License) - 1 Year Subscription$199.00

BoogieBounce™ API Pricing

 Product DescriptionPrice
BoogieBounce API 3.7 - Single Server LicenseContact

BounceStudio™ API For Linux Pricing

 Product DescriptionPrice
BounceStudio API 3.7 For Linux - Single Server LicenseContact

BounceStudio™ API For Solaris Pricing

 Product DescriptionPrice
BounceStudio API 3.7 For Solaris   Contact   

BounceStudio™ Advantage Pricing

 Product DescriptionPrice
BounceStudio Advantage 3.7 - Unlimited POP Account LicenseContact

Online Ordering
You can order unlock codes for the FULL version of our products directly from this web page by clicking on the product above that you're interested in.
  • Your online order will be processed through PayPal and fulfilled by BoogieTools.
  • Unlock code orders are normally filled by the end of the next business day--most are processed the same business day. Unlock codes will be emailed to you.
  • NOTE: Purchases made outside of our normal business hours, on weekends or US holidays are processed on the next business day. Current time at BoogieTools Headquarters: Monday, April 22, 2024 11:45:30 AM

Pay by Check
You can order by check however it must be payable on a U.S. bank. Include a letter with the company name, address, designated contact, e-mail address, and telephone number. The software will be licensed to your company name unless you request otherwise.

Mail to:
BoogieTools, Inc.
3761 Renee Dr
Suite 218
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

"There are hundreds of bounce formats you can encounter on the Net, and the fact that new or obscure bounces can be caught simply and painlessly with BounceStudio saves us valuable development time."

John Gowland, CEO
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