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Simple Email Bounce Automation Using BounceStudio Enterprise
Part 2 of 2


Hopefully, by reading Part 1 and Part 2 of this article, you've been given a good overview of one possible way of handling your email bounce messages. The techniques I've shown here are simple enough to implement, yet robust enough for large email campaign houses to use. Remember, the technique I've discussed in this article can be applied to any database system you may be using (i.e. Sql Server, Oracle, MySQL, dBase, FoxPro, etc.).

If you've completed each part of this article, then here's what you've basically created for yourself:

2 Stage Automated Email Bounce Handling Process

  1. BounceStudio Enterprise retrieves messages from your bouce email account. Determines the bounce type of each message, and logs bounce data (i.e. affected email address, bounce type, etc.) to your bounce log table.
  2. BounceHandler.vbs script, set up on a Windows Scheduled Task, continually monitors your bounce log table looking for new bounce data to process. As it finds new data to process, it updates your email list table

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