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Simple Email Bounce Automation Using BounceStudio Enterprise
Part 1 of 2


If you're in need of a simple email bounce handling solution, then this article will get you going as quickly as possible. This article will show you how to quickly configure BounceStudio Enterprise to retrieve bounced email messages from your POP3 email account, and log the bounce data directly to a Microsoft Access database. I'm using Microsoft Access 2000 for my database, but the principles within this article apply to any database system you may be using.


There are 3 steps to configuring BounceStudio Enterprise to log to your MS Access database. They include:

  1. Creating your email bounce log table in MS Access
  2. Configuring BounceStudio Enterprise to connect to your POP3 email bounce account
  3. Configuring BounceStudio Enterprise to connect to your MS Access database


This article assumes that you have Microsoft Access 2000 installed, and that you have some level of expertise with it. You should also have BounceStudio Enterprise installed prior to starting.


If manually creating your own database isn't appealing to you, then you can download the Access 2000 database we used in this article. Download the zip file from here, and unzip the email.mdb file to your local hard drive.

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