Smtp Queue

When you enable the SMTP Forward functionality for a BounceStudio POP Account, the messages with the selected bounce types will be written to the BounceStudio SMTP Queue directory by the BounceStudio Bounce Service. The BounceStudio SMTP Service monitors this directory looking for new messages that need to be sent. Once the BounceStudio SMTP Service has successfully sent the message, the message is deleted from the Smtp Queue.

Directory Structure

1. Smtp Forward - The following directory path is where all SMTP Forward messages are written too, prior to being sent by the BounceStudio SMTP Service.

<PROGRAMDATADIR>\BoogieTools\BounceStudio Enterprise 5\Smtp Queue\Smtp Forward\<MONITORED ITEM TYPE>\<MONITORED ITEM NAME>

2. Bad Mail - If the BounceStudio SMTP Service is unable to send an Smtp Forward message through your designated "Outgoing Smtp Server", then it will write the message to the following "Bad Mail" folder.
<PROGRAMDATADIR>\BoogieTools\BounceStudio Enterprise 5\Smtp Queue\Bad Mail\<MONITORED ITEM TYPE>\<MONITORED ITEM NAME>
Typically messages end up here if there is a problem with the content of the message and your Outgoing Smtp Server does not accept it. The messages that end up in the "Bad Mail" folder will stay there until you delete them.

NOTE: On newer versions of Windows (Vista and later), the <PROGRAMDATADIR> folder can be found on the system drive (usually c:\ProgramData). On Windows XP, <PROGRAMDATADIR> resides in the "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data" folder. These folders are hidden by default.

File Naming Convention

Each message that gets written to the Smtp Queue folder has a unique file name. The format of the file name is:
For example, you might see the file name "C28A24F0CD4C42888E59DCAADF63D73C.txt", where the portion before the file extension (.txt) is the GUID (Globally Unique Identifier).