Monitored Item - Statistics

BounceStudio Enterprise keeps real-time statistics for each monitored item you create. You can view these statistics by clicking on the Statistics TreeView Item under each monitored item, within the BounceStudio Admin TreeView Window.

The image above indicates that BounceStudio Enterprise has retrieved 1,666 messages from the "IIS SMTP Badmail" monitored item. The status bar indicates that the statistics last changed on August 11th, 2017 at 11:40pm.

You can reset these statistics, and also copy them to the clipboard if you need too.

NOTE: BounceStudio Enterprise actually categorizes the Soft Bounce and Mail Block messages with a higher level of granularity than you see on the statistics window (ie. SBDF, SBMF, SBMS, MBKS, MBSD, MBAD, MBRD). The Soft Bounce and Mail Block category values on the POP Account statistics window include all of the respective sub category counts.