Monitored Item - Actions - SMTP Forward

BounceStudio Enterprise allows you to forward messages with specific bounce types to an email address of your choice. This functionality could be useful for forwarding messages that you want handled by a real person, for instance in the case of a Challenge-Response (CR) type message.

Getting Started

You must select the "Enable SMTP Forward for this account" option in order to enable the SMTP Forward functionality. Next, you'll need to select the Bounce Types you would like forwarded, the "Email To" address that you would like the selected bounce types to be forwarded too, and the message "Subject" you would like to appear in the forwarded message.

Inline Forwarded Messages

By default, the bounced messages you choose to have forwarded are sent to the "Email To" email address as an "message/rfc822" type email attachment. By enabling the "Inline forwarded messages" option, BounceStudio will forward the messages "inline" within the body of the carrying message.

Customization Using BounceStudio Variables

If needed, you can customize the "Subject" of the carrying message by using the #BOUNCETYPE#, #EMAIL#, and/or #POPACCOUNT# BounceStudio Variables within the forwarded message "Subject".

You can also customize the "Email To" with the #BOUNCETYPE# BounceStudio Variable. Customizing the "Email To" allows you to set up different aliases on your email server for different bounce types. For instance, you may want certain people within your organization handling specific bounce types. You could have one person handle all Challenge Response messages, and another person handle all Non Bounce/Recipient Reply messages. Your "Email To" value could look something like this "". All Challenge Response messages would be sent to and all Non Bounce messages would be sent to Of course, you'd have to select these two bounce types (NB and CR) in the Bounce Types section of this screen. In addition, you will need to make sure you have created the appropriate email aliases on your email server. Another option is to use the Advanced "Email To" options, as described below.

Save Your Settings

In order for your new Smtp Forward settings to take affect, you must click the "Save" button at the bottom of the Smtp Forward settings screen.

Advanced Email To Options

If required, BounceStudio Enterprise allows you to forward specific bounce types to specific email addresses within your organization. For instance, you may want to forward all of your Non Bounce (NB) messages to someone in sales, your Challenge-Response (CR) messages to another person, and maybe your Mail Block (MB) messages to someone in your IT department. To configure, you'd click the "Advanced" button next to the "Email To" setting on the SMTP Forward screen (see image below).

NOTE: If you select a bounce type to forward, and don't configure a corresponding "Advanced" email address for that bounce type, then the bounce type will be forwarded to the default "Email To" setting on the SMTP Forwarding screen. In this example, that would be

Clicking the "Advanced" button will display the "SMTP Forward Advanced Settings" dialog (see image below). This is where you'll enter your custom "Email To" email addresses for specific bounce types. In this example, BounceStudio is configured to forward all of the Challenge-Response (CR) messages to Any other bounce types will be forwarded to Sally is the default "Email To" setting (see image above), and there is no email address entered next to the NB value below to override that default setting.