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Efficient automated bounce handling is crucial to your opt-in email success because of the enormous amount of effort involved in processing bounces manually, and because of the wasted bandwidth involved in ignoring them. For example, on a day when email servers are congested, up to 25% of a large mailing can return as "soft" bounces. If your opt-in email system doesn't automatically recognize and categorize this volume of bounces, you will have to either ignore it entirely or have a human read it all. Obviously, neither approach is acceptable.

BounceStudio Enterprise is the first enterprise-level software solution to fully automate the process of handling bounced email messages. BounceStudio Enterprise is a POP client, and file system monitor, that runs as a Windows Service. It can be configured to retrieve messages from your POP account(s) and/or monitor specific file system folders. At the heart of BounceStudio Enterprise is our flagship product, BoogieBounce API, which recognizes thousands of different email bounce formats. BounceStudio Enterprise automatically recognizes and categorizes all of your bounced messages.