Global - Licensing

DEMO Version

The "demo" version of BounceStudio Enterprise ignores the "POP Interval", and "Message Retrieval" settings. Also, the "demo" version ignores all BounceStudio Enterprise POP accounts except for the first POP account in the list. The "demo" version of BounceStudio Enterprise will retrieve 10 messages, every 12 hours, from 1 POP account and 1 File System monitored item.

Unlock Code

An Unlock Code turns BounceStudio Enterprise into a fully functional product and is provided when a license for BounceStudio Enterprise is purchased. If you need to retrieve messages from more POP accounts than your current unlock code allows, you may purchase additional licensing by visiting our website at

For registered users, click the "Global Settings - Licensing" TreeView item in the BounceStudio Admin utility to see your authorized POP license count.