Getting Started

After installation, there are a couple of things you'll want to configure prior to starting.

1. If you're going to be using the SMTP Forward functionality then you'll need to configure the "Outgoing SMTP Server" and "Email From" settings on the Global Settings - Send/Receive screen. If you do not configure these settings, then the BounceStudio SMTP Service will not start.

2. You may also want to configure some of the other "Global Settings" values, although this is not mandatory.

3. After you're done with the above steps, you'll be ready to create a new BounceStudio monitored item. Doing this will tell BounceStudio Enterprise which bounce email account, or file system folder, you want it to monitor. For instructions on creating your first BounceStudio "POP Account" monitored item, click HERE. For instructions on creating your first BounceStudio "File System" monitored item, click HERE.

4. Once you're done creating your monitored item(s), you may want to configure additional settings for that monitored item. For example, you may want to edit the monitored item's Database, Http Push, or Smtp Forward actions.

5. Next, to get a feel for what BounceStudio Enterprise is doing, we recommend clicking over to the "Current Activity - Bounce Service" and/or "Current Activity - Smtp Service" screens. From these screens, you'll be able to start/stop the BounceStudio Enterprise Services and view information on what actions they're performing.