File Menu - New Monitored Item - File System

In order for BounceStudio Enterprise to do its job, you must create at least one monitored item for BounceStudio Enterprise to monitor. This can be a "POP Account" monitored item or a "File System" monitored item. The "File System" monitored item that you create here should be configured to monitor a file system folder for the email box where all of your "bounced" messages get sent to. To create a new "File System" monitored item, follow the instructions below.

First, click the File menu and select "New Monitored Item -> File System" (see image below).

The following dialog will be displayed. Enter all of the required information as it pertains to you. For an explanation of each field, click here. For this example, we'll create a monitored item called "IIS SMTP Badmail", and configure BounceStudio to monitor the IIS SMTP Server Service "Badmail" folder.

The following image shows the information we entered. The information you enter may be different.

Click the "Save" button when you're done entering the required information. Your new "File System" monitored item will be created, and files will be read/parsed from the folder that you selected starting with the next BounceStudio interval. In the image below, notice that a new "File System" monitored items called "IIS SMTP Badmail" is being displayed in the BounceStudio Enterprise Admin TreeView Window. For information regarding each field, click here.