Current Activity - Bounce Service

The BounceStudio Bounce Service creates a log file of all the commands it is performing. The name of the log file is Bounce_Service_Log.txt. This log file will grow to 1MB in size before the BounceStudio Bounce Service deletes it and starts over with a blank log file.

You can view, in real-time, what's written to this file by clicking on the "Current Activity - Bounce Service" TreeView item within the BounceStudio Admin TreeView Window (See the image below). The Bounce Service Activity will display the last 50k of the log file before refreshing itself.

You can Start and Stop the logging view by clicking the Start/Stop button at the bottom right of the window. You can also clear the contents of the Bounce Service Activity display by clicking the Clear button. In addition, you can Start/Stop the BounceStudio Bounce Service itself by clicking the appropriate button.

The Bounce_Service_Log.txt file can be found in the "<PROGRAMDATADIR>\BoogieTools\BounceStudio Enterprise 5\" folder.

NOTE: On newer versions of Windows (Vista and later), the <PROGRAMDATADIR> folder can be found on the system drive (usually c:\ProgramData). On Windows XP, <PROGRAMDATADIR> resides in the "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data" folder. These folders are hidden by default.