Win32 Dll

If you're using a language that has the ability to call a standard Win32 style dll, then all you need is the bBounce.dll file. You can copy this file to the same folder as your executable, or to anywhere in the system %PATH%. See the sample code that came with the download for an illustration of how to call the BoogieBounce API Dll from your application. You do not need to register bBounce.dll using regsvr32.exe.

ActiveX/COM Wrapper

Some developers will be required to use the ActiveX wrapper if their development environment does not support calling a Win32 style dll directly from code. An example of this would be WSH, ASP, or ColdFusion. If your requirements are such, then you'll need to copy both bBounce.dll and bBounceX.dll to the system %PATH%. A folder that is always in the system %PATH% is the Winnt\system32 folder. The bBounceX.dll file is an ActiveX wrapper for the bBounce.dll file. You will need to register bBounceX.dll using regsvr32.exe. You do not need to register bBounce.dll using regsvr32.exe. For an example of calling the ActiveX wrapper, bBounceX.dll, from your code, see the VB-Script sample, or ColdFusion sample, that came with the BoogieBounce API download.