C Style API
bbGetToFriendlyName() Function

Returns the friendly name of the TO: email header within the sMessageText parameter.

bbGetToFriendlyName (sMessageText, sReturn, lLength)



Null terminated character array containing the email message that you need to retrieve the TO: friendly name from.

sReturn [out]

Null terminated 255 character array. Returns the value of the TO: friendly name.

lLength [out]

Returns a long value. Contains the length of the value returned in sReturn.

Syntax - (Visual Basic)

' ** Pad sValue out parameter with spaces.
sValue = String(255, " ")

' ** Call Subroutine
Call bbGetToFriendlyName(sMessage, sValue, lLength)

' ** Set value
sToFriendly = Left(sValue, lLength)


For more examples, and language specific declarations, see sample source code files that came with BoogieBounce API.

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