C Style API
bbGetBody() Function

Returns the email message body of the sMessageText parameter.

bbGetBody (sMessageText, sReturn, lLength)



Null terminated character array containing the email message that you need to retrieve the message body from.

sReturn [out]

Null terminated character array. Returns the contents of the header block.

lLength [out]

Returns a long value. Contains the length of the value returned in sReturn.

Syntax - (Visual Basic)

' ** Pseudo Code. sMessage is the RAW message you're parsing.
' ** Usually created from the RAW POP message and/or read from file.
sMessage = "{RAW Email Message}"

' ** Pad sValue out parameter with spaces.
sValue = String(Len(sMessage), " ")

' ** Call Subroutine
Call bbGetBody(sMessage, sValue, lLength)

' ** Set value
sBody = Left(sValue, lLength)


For more examples, and language specific declarations, see sample source code files that came with BoogieBounce API.

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