bBounce Object
IgnoreAddresses Property

List of email addresses that BoogieBounce should ignore. Typically, this will include your From and Reply-To email addresses for the particular POP account you are parsing.

Type: String


bBounceX.IgnoreAddresses = "|"


This property must be set prior to calling the DoBounceCheck() Method.

This list of email addresses must be pipe delimited. Please see example below:

The example above is made up of 2 email addresses. and

The list of email addresses isn't used by BoogieBounce in all cases. Sometimes BoogieBounce knows that a message is a bounce, but for some reason the email address of the recipient isn't in the position that BoogieBounce is expecting it to be. When this occurs, BoogieBounce does a deeper scan of the message to find the proper recipient email address. BoogieBounce doesn't want to return one of the email addresses of the original sender by mistake (i.e. From or Reply-To), so it checks this list before setting the BouncedEmailAddress Property.

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