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BoogieBounce™ API 3.7

Windows Email Bounce Handling Solutions BoogieBounce API (Win32 Dll) enables your application to recognize thousands of email bounce formats. Easy to use, robust, extremely fast, and accurate, BoogieBounce API was designed for professional developers who demand performance.


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Why BoogieBounce API?

  • Recognizes thousands of email bounce formats. High quality bounce format library and bounce detection algorithms, unsurpassed by anyone in the industry.
  • FREE bounce library updates.
  • Multi-language bounce library.
  • It's extremely fast, robust, and highly accurate.
  • Sample source code for C/C++, Visual Basic, VB-Script, PowerBASIC, ColdFusion, Delphi, VB.NET, and C# developers.
  • BoogieBounce API has an optional ActiveX interface too.

Email Bounce Formats Recognized:

  • Hard Bounce: The email server was unable to deliver your message. (ie. 550 Mailbox not found)

  • Soft Bounce: The email server temporarily can not deliver your message. (ie. Mailbox size exceeds quota, Host not found)

  • Transient Bounce: The email server temporarily can not deliver your message, but it is still trying. (ie. Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours. Will keep trying until message is 2 days old)

  • Mail Block: Notification that the recipient's email server is blocking email from your email server. (ie. 554 Client host rejected)

  • Subscribe: Someone is requesting to be added to your opt-in email list.

  • Unsubscribe/Remove: Recipient is requesting to be removed from future email from you.

  • Auto-Reply: An automatic response from recipient. (ie. Out Of Office, Vacation Message)

  • Challenge-Response: Challenge-Response email systems were created as a reaction to the increasing circulation of spam. Dubbed as a 100% effective solution to stopping spam from ever reaching users' inboxes, Challenge-Response systems like EarthLink SpamBlocker and SpamArrest, among others, require human intervention for an email message to reach its intended recipient.

    In short, a Challenge-Response message is an automatic response from the recipient, requesting that the sender confirm a real person is sending the message. Generally, confirmation is completed manually by clicking on a hyperlink within the Challenge-Response message itself.

For a detailed list, click here.

"BounceStudio was extremely easy to integrate with our database infrastructure, automating all handling of our bounced emails. Our first run with the software alone was well worth the investment."

John Linak
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