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Email Bounce Handling Solutions For Windows

BounceStudio™ Enterprise 5.0 Email Bounce

Email Bounce BounceStudio Enterprise is the first enterprise-level software solution to fully automate the process of handling bounced email messages. BounceStudio Enterprise is a POP client, and file system monitor, that runs as a Windows Service. It can be configured to retrieve messages from your POP account(s) and/or monitor specific file system folders. At the heart of BounceStudio Enterprise is our flagship email bounce product, BoogieBounce API, which recognizes thousands of email bounce formats. BounceStudio Enterprise automatically recognizes and categorizes all of your email bounce messages.

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BounceStudio™ Advantage 3.7 Email Bounce

Email Bounce BounceStudio Advantage includes some of the same great functionality that is BounceStudio Enterprise, with the added benefit of storing your BounceStudio POP Account data in a database of your choice, instead of within INI files on the file system. Also, with BounceStudio Advantage you get load balancing functionality, allowing you to load balance your email bounce handling across many servers. Furthermore, included with BounceStudio Advantage is a web access module which allows you to edit/create/delete BounceStudio POP accounts through a web browser, from anywhere in the world.

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BoogieBounce™ API 3.7 Email Bounce

BoogieBounce API (Win32 Dll) enables your application to recognize thousands of email bounce formats. Easy to use, robust, extremely fast, and accurate, the BoogieBounce API was designed for professional developers who demand performance for their email bounce processsing.

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