1. Extract the tarball to a directory where you want to install BounceStudio API. This will create a BounceStudioAPI subdirectory within that directory.
    tar -xzvf BounceStudioAPI-solaris.tar.gz
  2. Copy the extracted BounceStudio.h header file to /usr/include.
  3. Copy the extracted shared object file to /usr/lib.
  4. Make a symbolic link in the /usr/lib/ directory that points to
    ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/
  5. Read Section 6 of this help file, entitled "Raw Message Format".
  6. Explore the rest of this help file, and the included sample source code.

Compiling Example

Below is an example illustrating how to link the BounceStudio API shared object when compiling the included sample C application.
gcc test.c -o test -lBounceStudio32