Returns the friendly name of the FROM: email header within the sMessageText parameter.

void bsGetFromFriendlyName (char *sMessageText, char **sReturnValue)



A character array containing the RAW email message. Pass the RAW email message text in via this parameter. For formatting requirements of a RAW email message, click here.

sReturnValue [out]

Pointer to a character array. Returns a pointer to the Friendly Name of the FROM: email header.

Syntax - (ANSI C)

// ** Define some variables.
char *sRawMessage, *sReturnValue;

// ** Pseudo Code. sRawMessage is the RAW message you're parsing.
// ** Usually created from the RAW POP message and/or read from file.
sRawMessage = "{RAW Email Message}";

// ** Call Subroutine
bsGetFromFriendlyName(sRawMessage, &sReturnValue);


For more examples, and language specific declarations, see sample source code files that came with BounceStudio API.