Returns the value of a custom email header within the sMessageText parameter.

void bsGetCustomHeader (char *sMessageText, char **sReturnValue, char *sCustomHeader)



A character array containing the RAW email message. Pass the RAW email message text in via this parameter. For formatting requirements of a RAW email message, click here.

sReturnValue [out]

Pointer to a character array. Returns a pointer to the contents of the custom header you want to retrieve.


A character array specifying the custom header you want to retrieve. You must pass this parameter as lower case (ie. "subject" not "Subject").

Syntax - (ANSI C)

// ** Define some variables.
char *sRawMessage, *sReturnValue;

// ** Pseudo Code. sRawMessage is the RAW message you're parsing.
// ** Usually created from the RAW POP message and/or read from file.
sRawMessage = "{RAW Email Message}";

// ** Call Subroutine
bsGetCustomHeader(sRawMessage, &sReturnValue, "date");


The sample code above will return the value of the "date" header from the email message. You can retrieve any header you wish with this subroutine, not just the "date" header value.

For more examples, and language specific declarations, see sample source code files that came with BounceStudio API.